Next Episode: November 24, 2017

2017, The Year of Consent

9pm MST | 11pm EST

Hillary, Harvey, and Huckin'

Episode 160

2017-11-03 - 1 hour 2 minutes

We begin the week's caper by discussing the newest form of wokism and consent, the kind created in no other place but the capital of consent, California. The new laws motioned to be floored and accepted demand from either party engaging in sexual acts to clearly obtain consent within every ten minutes of the encounter. We see this problem only leaving more women dissatisfied by their sexual existence in now basically asking for men to become serial premature ejaculators. We then cover the basic political barometer of the rest of the country in the form of terroristic events happening again in New York City. You're now allowed to suit up and kill people in the name of your religion in tandem while also protesting the countries immigration rights. In this case the masses are glad that the terrorist lived to tell the tale and will be given the chance to heal up and contemplate another plan to out do his prior scenario. The entire Muslim population of America, all the while, is suffering the idealistic backlash that occurs when terroristic ideologues resort to actions in lieu of just happy thoughts. The Netflix saga of the house of cards has been pulled from creation and the faux woman presidential fantasy is yet again crushed by the faux patriarchy. On the backs of drunken memories and illusions Hollywood chooses just to live as gay men. The pumpkin spice latte ( PSL ) sucking populace has finally had enough... they're pulling out all of the stops in the only way they know how... by taking to twitter and facebook to announce their protests to begin after everyone comes out of their cocaine induced hangovers from the night clubs the prior night and to grab their Adavan and focus on finally ousting Trump and Pence from the white house the only way they know how. To meet in public squares to piss off workers and commerce in the name of ending hate speech and the year old Cheeto regime. We end the show with the proper overture to put an end to patriarchy for the month of no shave November by encouraging not just men but women to also not shave any or all of their body parts. The shorts season is over and who the fuck needs smooth non visible legs in the winter? nobody. good night.