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2017, The Year of Consent

9pm MST | 11pm EST

Pycuckorian Theorem

Episode 159

2017-10-27 - 1 hour 5 minutes

Well, it's yet another day in paradise with the three cuckateers. We probe through yet another chilling introduction that brings us to the current topics of discussion in the pleb warring world. The issues that continue to keep people locked in the physical circle of race baiting, generalization and moral degradation that has now continued to spew forth out of the left frontal mouthpiece while also balancing the present day material on some satirical past show content. We pause for a short musical interlude and continue to digress on a new kind of human being created in an artificial womb. We prove the exact conversations from both political fronts by appropriating all of the current PC modular BS onto those humans who are birthed in this alternative fashion and end of up chasing our tails that ended in about an hours worth of head scratching mismatched cocktail that we are now calling a show.