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2017, The Year of Consent

9pm MST | 11pm EST

He's Just Not That Into You

Episode 149

2017-08-11 - 1 hour 3 minutes

Fword and Fword Inc. are totes on the great thinking ball that is supposed to be the mainstream thought collective and we just can't see the point in taking the truth to the streets and getting punted in the nuts, all to remain true to just staying to ourselves. Get your stick riding horses and your non-binary tractors over to that, oh so esteemed, echo chamber bubble of the day indoctrination of rainbow pword camp. The idea that one gets to participate in collective bubbled groups and are regaled on a thinking so progressive and full of virtue that if anything else was uttered you were to dispatch it immediately. Yea, that place. They're not orienteering compass directions anymore folks, nope, now it's full diabetes retard sexuous orienteering, where the collective adult thought process for wearing the opposite gender's panties when the doors were closed to mommy and daddy. Where you thought you were the only one who knew how you felt... Nope, google it folks, you can now locate the exact same thought process you felt you were robbed of when you were the same age... deal with it, the newer generation got progressive naturally on its own and doesn't give an fword. Especially without you trying to coax it extra to happen. You're out of the bubble freely now. Act like it. We revisit the MTV resolutions for white people and again and see how we're measuring up, as we remember it being a mighty tall request... We read briefly about our home grown town where a blue shoed yayhoo is preaching the LGBTGospel... the town told the "faggot director" hit the bricks. Proud of the progression happening there. We then discuss the d-word... used to be divorce back in our day however today it's for diversity. A gooogle employee rationally discussed the diversity conversation to the almighty google cuck council. They completely proved his point correctly by removing him of his employed position effective immediately and let go for suggesting that the issues were real very much, but the method in trying to apply the virtue fundamental correctly just wasn't there. We leave with a tall promise to deliver on... The reigns of google and cucktube are over... we're going to replace them, we owe it to ourselves and our children see that free speech is a right and always will be so long as we are willing to die for it.