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2017, The Year of Consent

9pm MST | 11pm EST

Consensual Necrorape

Episode 148

2017-07-28 - 1 hour 6 minutes

Rousing from beginning to illustrious end, our three consensual musketeers really put on their fap-hard caps when it came to this week's charming woke session. Be on your GARD! The story of a family, penalized by a socialized medicine monopoly, take to the social media to grow the funds required for their son's epic legal battle in which he pays the ultimate price with the loss of his life. The government rallying to make the best decision for its citizens was wrong again, you crumpet sucking cucks. Quit trying to make other people's decisions and instead stand behind your countrymen and their freedoms of choice. We continue down the rocky path to hear the fearless story of one man's vision of an easier way to climb a steep hill. His answer was not to walk 5 miles to the nearest easier incline it was "suck it", and he created a staircase for 1,000 times less the cost than his governmental dimwitted counterparts. We quickly take a McCoffee break as Mike tangents into yet another awe inspiring mental de-railing that always tickle the audience. We then stray into the dangers of living life at your own risk up to and involving losing your life. Some paid this price on a ride located within the Ohio state fair. We then take the transgender cake by addressing the elephant in the room and the precum of the evening. By delivering the painstaking decision of supplying those with gender dysforia medications covering their conditions while being deployed, we don't have a dog in the fight but end up choosing a post and dismantling the hormones. We wind it down with North Korea firing another terrifying ICBM towards parts unknown which explained by experts can land super close to the US and we should remain fearful of the paper tiger Kim Jong Nuggz. We reiterate the simple fact that large governments needs to continue to be slashed and that freedom and free markets accompanied by critical thought remains our way of life.