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2017, The Year of Consent

9pm MST | 11pm EST

A Disturbance In The Force

Episode 144

2017-06-23 - 1 hour 8 minutes

The consensual threesome is back in yet another penile piquing episode! The champions of free speech kick off the show with the ultimate fold under pressure of the university institutions which are becoming more and more the caliphate hot beds that regular folks proclaim, yet, still manage to believe that somehow destroying free speech entirely and cucking to the adversity of nutty humane ideas is a great idea... Think again... The populations that collectively hold on to the neutral middle still refuse to band together and condemn the fringe of humanistic entrail sacks that their ideas have been smashed with logic and they need to either make a choice to conform, or suck a tail pipe. The political battles of Bern and wife have been brought to the public eye in a very yuicy scandal where the couple utilized political power to solidify loans from private institutions before letting loose on the American collegiate scene. We broke intermission for an MLG salute before cutting back to the Brexit movement in which the white van of power went out muzzy mowing in a trail of glory for allah and his sacred snackbar. Praise be upon him. Tommy Robinson bites a chunk out of Piers Morgan on his own show stating how ridiculous it is to defend the actions of the van plowing incident because it was in bad form... well gees Piers... it's also bad form for the muz to run over innocents of your own country too n'est pas?

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Tommy Robinson VS Piers Morgan