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2017, The Year of Consent

9pm MST | 11pm EST

Surstromming For Milton Cuckly

Episode 143

2017-06-16 - 1 hour 3 minutes

In this boner killing episode, Four-Whiskey Tony is not only off of his rocker, he's straight off the damn wheely chair! The woke AF games line was newly introduced to our guests as the hosts coasted in a glorious cloud of consent. Watch out Milton Cuckly! time to get woke! We continue the month's pride celebration by adding three new colours to the alliance flag and the welcoming addition of 20 more astute abbreviate letters to the gender binary file. We curtail the episode with a bang up performance by Macklemore and the bonerfying trumpet song which wed together a handful of gay divorcees who did it solely for attention. We lastly introduce the ice bucket challenge's arch nemesis of a rival in the Surstromming can you smell it challenge where an entire family huarfs all over the carpet in the name of gathering material possessions for their olefactory prowess...