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2017, The Year of Consent

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Episode 134

2017-04-14 - 1 hour 7 minutes

It's another week, and there's more war! North Korea is in the middle of a parade when we go live, so we cut between that and other news for the first half of the show. There is a chance that North Korea will be at war by the end of the weekend, we'll see though. We also dropped the "mother of all bombs" this week on ISIS caves in Afghanistan. Jeremy Scahill has a good line when talking against war on CNN. Richard Spencer got punched in the face again. The BBC ran a parody called "The Real Housewives of ISIS". The Hufffington Post is pontificating that taking away "white men's" ability to vote would make the world a better place. A huge crash on the garage door happens in the middle of the show and scares us all. There are more hate crime hoaxes than hate crimes right now. Notre Dame is offended that Mike Pence has been invited to speak at their commencement. We discuss the United Airlines passenger removal story.

Jeremy Scahill Interview

Real Housewives of ISIS

Take Away White Men's Vote

Hate Crime Hoaxes