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2017, The Year of Consent

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Cash Me Assad, How Bow Dah?

Episode 133

2017-04-07 - 1 hour 32 minutes

Alex Jones got a little heat from his outburst we played on the show last week. Donald Trump is stepping in it now as he goes to war with Syria. Tucker Carlson held Lindsay Graham's feet to the fire about the subject. A woman in Norway is a "transanimal". See, she's actually a cat guys... Neil Gorsuch was confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. There was another truck attack in Europe, this time in Sweden. Albuquerque's government was scammed out of $420,000. Rachel Maddow fans were angry because MSNBC made a "sexist" decision to replace her regular program with breaking news on missiles going into Syria.

Alex Jones Article

Tucker Carlson interview with Lindsay Graham

Neil Gorsuch confirmed to Supreme Court

Albuquerque Scammed out of $420,000

John Boener Crying

Transanimal Cat