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2017, The Year of Consent

9pm MST | 11pm EST

Media and Fascia Blasting

Episode 127

2017-02-17 - 1 hour 5 minutes

We are back to a live program today. We discuss a new tool to fix your cellulite and fat areas called the Fascia Blaster. In "Muz News" another hate crime hoax has been discovered. Also a couple from Saudi Arabia left their baby in the car while they went to the movies. The government in the UK is spending a ton of money on advertising in an attempt to stop "right wing extremism". They were not arrested because the police wanted to be "culturally sensitive". Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned from office. Donald Trump went long on a press conference in which he chastises the media. Specifically, he went after CNN for 10 minutes. We review the discussion between Trump and the reporter from CNN as well as how CNN discussed the event afterwards.